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Welcome to Star Wars: The Old Republic

● Delivery Information

 Delivery by mail
I. please ensure that the order information is correct: correct

server,character name ,and via Phone confirmation is

 needed for new customers or big order.

II. In order to complete delivery as soon as possible.We will

complete the trade within 20 minutes as soon as the order

 has received. Please keep your character online within

30 minutes after submitting the payment.

III.Our workers constitute our own farming team,

have the  gold by hand and won't let you get banned .

In order to do not affect the current progress of your account,

we kindly suggest that please create a new lower account for our trading.

● Product Introduction

I. IGameMarket will never ask you to return your currency in game.

II.We will always ask you to come on the Live Help

 or email to discuss any issue.

III.Do not give away your currency to someone claiming to be

 from IGameMarket.

● 24/7 Service

If you haven’t received the currency 30 minutes after

you placed the order,please feel free to contact our Live Help .

P.S: Deliveries might be delayeddue to reasons beyond

our control: such as network problems,temporary stock

shortage and so on. But we are trying our best to avoid such problems.

The live chat  can handle your issues any time you asked,

and if you are not satisfied with us, tell us and we will be try to  solve your problems .

Please feel free to contact our Live Help any time